Ligature is a total-technology solution provider with capabilities in software application development, software product development, application management and technology integration services. We excel in providing e-business and technology (custom, package, business applications etc.) solutions using top engineering talent and structured development processes.

Our expertise ranges from software-neutral services such as Business Analysis, where we study your business and identify areas for process improvement to heavy-duty software solution oriented practices.

Many of the applications developed and supported by Ligature are mission-critical for the continuous business operations of our customers.

Ligature leverages on key local resources for customer facing activities such as account management, user interface design, requirements definition, and implementation planning while simultaneously taking advantage of the talent pool and economic advantages associated with doing work offshore.

Business Analysis


While Business Analysis has always been accepted as a part of software development, the importance of arriving at the correct picture is realized by many companies only when it is too late either when the development has failed as the product was rejected by the end-users in the user acceptance testing phase or, worse still, after the product has gone into production and irreversible losses have been suffered.

As organizations look out for change (automation or change in business model), it is imperative that a proper understanding of the existing business processes is arrived at and all stakeholders are clear about the requirement before stepping over to the next step of automation or incorporation of new processes.

Application Development

Ligature technologists have been delivering applications for customers for more than 8 years. Our breadth of experience in various technologies, combined with our partnership-led approach has enabled us to deliver and exceed client expectations consistently.

Our delivery methodology and best practices from partnering with clients have been encapsulated in our process. The process further leverages our onsite-offshore model to offer maximum benefits to clients.

Ligature's quality and delivery capability have been recognized in a relatively short period of time. These capabilities are fundamental to Ligature being able to consistently deliver reliable applications, which fully meet customer requirements and expectations

Application Management

Ligature has been enabling customers to focus on their core competence while providing them with state of the art application management services. Depth and breadth of expertise in numerous technologies, and a partnership-led approach has enabled us to deliver and exceed client expectations consistently.

Our delivery methodology and best practices from partnering with numerous clients have been encapsulated in our process. Ligature further leverages the onsite-offshore model to offer maximum benefits to clients.

Architecture & Design


E-Commerce technologies are becoming more and more complex day by day. Starting as a programming language called Java, the Internet technology suite nurtured by Sun Microsystems has now burgeoned into a complex suite of technologies under the J2EE umbrella. Application servers, which were unheard of ten years back, have emerged as the single most important piece of infrastructure software, matching the redoubtable database in importance.

Object oriented analysis and design methodologies too are maturing rapidly. The Unified Modeling Language is now universally accepted as the language for system analysis and design. Higher-level design constructs such as design patterns and domain patterns are gaining credibility by contributing to better quality and productivity.

The cumulative effect of all these trends is an order of magnitude increase in the complexity of solutions being delivered by IT departments today. In the absence of these "architects" it is quite likely that your software suppliers are providing sub-optimal solutions, which will sooner or later fail to live up to expectations.

Ligature's Architecture and Design Practice is a collection of such architects who strive to ensure that all solutions created by us are appropriately architected and designed to meet your current and future requirements.

News and Events

October 31, 2010 - Ligature participation at the Bangalore IT.Biz 2010

March 2010 - Ligature installs iCaTSTM unit with a load capacity of 355KV at Channapatna TMC.

Feburary 2010 - The iCaTSTM system is installed at three places at the Tarnaka area of Hyderabad on 4th Feb, 2010.

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