Energy Management

Energy Dispensers

Airports around the world have fleet vehicles operated by airlines that serve various purposes in the airport. The fleet vehicles need to be charged at regular intervals. Airports provide sockets to facilitate the Ground service equipment to be charged. Airports intend to introduce prepaid energy services. The Ground support service providers may charge their equipment at any of the sockets provided by Airports. Terminal shall be equipped with 60 sockets of 3 Phase - 32 Amps or sockets of any rating depending on the local standards.

The ground support equipment may be charged at any available socket provided by Airports. The airlines should prepay for the energy usage at the Terminals of the Airports. The ground support equipment belonging to the airlines may be charged at any socket provided that they already have energy credits in their account. Each user must be uniquely identified by the energy dispensers. The energy credits shall be reduced for every usage of the ground support equipmentby the airlines. The sockets shall stop dispensing the energy if the user doesn't have sufficient energy credits. The details of each and every transaction shall be recorded and the system should produce appropriate daily, weekly, monthly reports. The system should provide a convenient web based system for the airlines to buy energy credits, so that the airlines may recharge their ground support equipment.

Circuit Breakage Detector

Circuit Breakage detector is an technology solution that monitors the electrical activity in real time and immediately alerts the maintanence crew of any power outage or any unusual activity detected in the circuitory. The critical alerts are communicated to the concerned department on thier mobile phones. The system can also be configured to sound a buzzer on the site to alert the crew.

Out of Home Media Solutions

The complex City regulations makes it difficult for the OOH companies to adhere to. OOH Companies need to comply with the changing City Advertisement Laws.

OOH has to deal with issues at both the ends, at one end the City regulatins, on the other end they need to meet the growing demand of their Customers. The OOH Companies incur losses for no fault of theirs, such as the customer notices the fused bulbs on the billboard and refuses to pay for a period of the lease. Lack of systems to proactively alert the Companies of the expiration of the leases invites huge penalities from the City authorities.

With growing awareness of the Energy consumption, the OOH companies are compelled to keep track of the energy usage. Some cities mandate the OOH companies to turn off the lighting during late nights and whenever the city has a smog alerts.

Without the aid of Technology, it would be next to impossible to comply and run the OOH business profitably. OOH Companies requires integrated solution to track and manage the billboards (hoardings).

With our integrated RF technology and energy effeciency technology, the OOH Companies will delight their clients and enhance their operational efficiencies besides reduce the lead time of addressing their clients needs, attending to the trouble shooting/maintenance aspects in the field. The entire outdoor assets will be automated with critical alerts to bring in Operational efficiency. Our solution is a perfect blend of hardware and software components to cater to the precise business process automation, operations and maintenance optimization of OOH industry.

Government to Citizen Solutions

Sign Laws/Advertisement Laws

Outdoor Advertisements are hard to manage. There is no clear accountability of the leases and the payments. There are numerous illegal hoardings which are not only are illegal but could also be dangerous if they are not designed according to the specified By Laws. Civic bodies are looking for a solution to reduce illegal hoardings, to enforce the regulations and eliminate or minimize malpractices currently being practised with respect to issue of Sign Permits. Violations may be in the form of expired licenses, location mismatch, size violations, zone (Sign districts) By Law violations etc.

Advertisement Laws of various cities are complicated and enforcement is not easy without the aid of technolog. Our Solution for the Advertisement Bye Laws is a combination of Tools, Techniques and state-of-the-art Technology. Our Solution incorporates contact less laser based measurement techniques to measure the billboards where a human can't pratically reach to take the measurements. The salient features of the solution for the Advertisement departments of the cities are as below.

  • Active Radio Frequency for Permits
  • Contactless Laser based measurement
  • Map based display of Signs (Billboards)
  • Integrated Energy Management Device

Asset Managment Solutions

Fleet/Asset Tracking

Fleet management enables companies in the management of fleet of vehicles. These specific tasks encompass all operations. This solution is extremely useful for mining industry, steel industry, logistics industry. This solution enables companies not only to keep track of the fleet but also drive various analytics; such as, trip profiling, driver efficiency, etc. This solution can be developed using RF, GSM based solutions.

Waste Management

Awareness in the area of waste and waste management is increasingly important, it is inherient that tracking of the dump truck is necessary to know what waste is disposed where. Accumulation and disposition of toxic wastes becomes vital. Our solution can track each dump truck the tier weight of waste load that the vehicle is carrying along with the location from which the waste was collected. The solution also keeps tracks of the frequency of the disposal of the waste from each dump truck. This enables the municipalities to measure the performance of each track and the vendor.

Our in depth knowledge on the domain and the technologies enables us to develop customized solutions for the Companies. Ligature has vast experience on developing Zigbee based RF solutions and other communication technologies such as GSM, GPRS, GPS.

News and Events

October 31, 2010 - Ligature participation at the Bangalore IT.Biz 2010

March 2010 - Ligature installs iCaTSTM unit with a load capacity of 355KV at Channapatna TMC.

Feburary 2010 - The iCaTSTM system is installed at three places at the Tarnaka area of Hyderabad on 4th Feb, 2010.

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